Graphic Design

Expo Waleffe

An annual gathering for artists, painters & sculptors 

Visual concept & compositing, layout, typography. 

Invitation cards, a flyer, and a poster for the annual Waleffe Expo that's been postponed to 2021.

Poster 4 WEB 3.jpg
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Surviving Covid-19

A series of personal posters

Visual concept & compositing, layout, typography. 

All photos courtesy of Unsplash

At a time of global lockdown and a worldwide pandemic reigning supreme, it’s more than ever a time to stay creative. So this is how this poster was created.

It accurately depicts how I’m feeling surviving this pandemic with self-isolation and music all day long.


It’s probably the most detailed composition that I’ve ever worked on; all the way to the bats and the pangolin that contributed massively to this situation.

Covid-19 Poster - 4 web.jpg
Covid19 1.jpg
Black Gold

Best of the Editors campaign proposition

Visual concept & compositing, layout, typography. 

Label: [PIAS]

Photo by: Fabian Bachli

Mission: To create a visual identity and album art for the release of Black Gold; the first "best of" record by the UK band Editors.  

Editors - CD Cover.jpg
Bent Knee 4 web 2.jpg
Bent Knee

Poster design to promote the release of new album


Visual concept, layout and typography. 

Label: InsideOut music

Mission: to create a promo poster promoting the American avant-garde/art rockers' latest release.


Invitation and poster design for an event

Visual concept, layout and typography. 

Client: Townhall of Uccle (Brussels)

Mission: To create an invitation promo poster promoting the installment of a new sculpture by renowned artist Isabelle Thiltges.

Music Town app promo.jpg
Music Town mobile app

Promotional material for the mobile app of Music Town

Mission: Everything from branding, UI & icon design, layout and typography. 

Poster for WWF

Promotional material for Wolrd Wildlife Day

Mission: Visual concept, layout & typography. 

AG Insurance
A slew of promotional and commercial projects


  • Print publications

  • Website design

  • UI design

  • Internal/external communication

  • Exhibition stands & displays

  • Promo clips

  • Posters/Banners
  • Merchandising
  • Branding
  • Brand guidelines

  • Social media content
  • Events

  • And more...

In fact there's way too much to show on here. 

So don't hesitate to get in touch to request the full portfolio of projects.

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